VERDICT - CRV (Cyber Resiliency Verifier)


Little red riding hood

The project verdict is about building high assurance system designs that are resilient against cyber-attacks using formal verification. In essence, we analyze the system design prior to its’ development. The methodology is model-based design where the architecture/interface is specified in AADL and the behavior is added using Agree-Annex. The attacks are modeled as threat effects and been instrumented within the model and violate the desired behavior safety properties of the system. Translating the model to a data-flow language (luster program) and using the Kind2 model checker, we find concrete violations that exhibit vulnerabilities or susceptible attacks to the design. We pinpoint the affected components of the system using the “blame assignment” that contribute to the violation of safety property and “merit assignment” to identify the part of the system used to achieve the assurance. The compositional verification using the assume-guarantee/contract helped us to achieve the scalability required to analyze complex designs.

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